Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Cheating on My Bikes

My bikes aren’t speaking to me right now.  Of course, since they’re not speaking to me I don’t know what’s wrong.  My cyclo-cross bike, the Masi, seems to be the most upset.  As I look to them for guidance, I only get the “if you loved us you’d know what’s wrong” look in return.  Since I want to keep my bikes happy, I thought long and hard about what might be bothering them as I went for my morning run.

Then it hit me!  As my running shoes were out enjoying one of the most gorgeous fall days ever, my bikes were all stuck in the cold, dark garage with nothing but their growing anger to keep them warm.  And there you have it!  My bikes are all upset because they think I’m cheating on them with my running shoes.  I’ve never even heard of running shoe infidelity but apparently my bikes think it’s a thing.

Surely this can’t be the result of a single run.  I’m guessing this has been building up for a while now.  I think back to when I started receiving the silent treatment. That was about a week ago.  At that time, I was busy signing up for my latest challenge.  I could sense the excitement of the bikes as they became giddy with anticipation waiting to see which one got to go.  Then, they discovered it wasn't a ride but a 25k run in the Marin Headlands.  I think that was the final straw.

The Vegas
As I reflect back over the last few months, I slowly begin to see their point of view.  Earlier this year, I registered and began training for the 200 mile Ragnar Relay (see My Ragnar Relay for how it went).  I think they were tolerant of this dalliance into running since I was also signed up for some major rides.  

As the year progressed, their attitudes began to change since I did not complete any of the 100 mile rides I registered for as I opted to ride shorter distances instead.  Why?  I needed to save my legs for running.  Then in October I quit riding completely to focus on my final training for Ragnar.  I’m sure at this point they were pretty upset.  At least they could console themselves with the thought that this would all be over after Ragnar.

Instead, the first event I register for is a monster run.  At least that’s the way they see it.  I don’t think this is fair since I signed up for the Bottega Gran Fondo bike ride first.  Somehow, they seem to have conveniently forgotten about that.  And now, their hanging out in the garage plotting who knows what to get even.

The Masi
While none of them are talking to me I need to figure why the Masi seems especially mad?  Well, it's cyclo-cross season and a month ago I spent a Saturday afternoon getting him ready.  He got all cleaned up, got new tires and tubes, and basically everything needed to be dialed in and ready to ride.  And what has he done since then?  Hung upside down from the garage ceiling as my running shoes enjoy one adventure after another.  To be honest, that would probably piss me off as well.

What’s the first step in fixing this?  I somehow have to convince them that my legs have enough love to be a rider and a runner.  I’ll give them all a little extra treatment to show them how special they are to me.  And, I’ll make sure to ride them, a lot.  I just hope it’s enough to put us back on speaking terms.


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