Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Rocket

A couple of week ago Sherry and I made a purchase that is the absolute epitome of my nickname in my cycling group.  My nickname is Niles (from the TV show Frazier) and the purchase was an espresso machine.  Well ok, not just any espresso machine but an extravagant, over-the-top, kick ass espresso machine.  The machine we purchased was the Rocket Espresso Giotto Evoluzione V2, which is hand made in Milan, Italy.

Actually, this story is really a continuation of a previous story about the coffee class we took on our recent trip to Florence.  That story was told in the post - Barista Training.  Now, we’ve always enjoyed coffee but this took it to a whole new level.   After the class, Sherry starting researching new machines online and discovered The Rocket (as we now call it).

The Rocket in its new home.
It was a beautiful machine to say the least. Still, I wanted something that worked, not just something that looked pretty.  It didn't take much research into the reviews to discover this machine was even more function than beauty as review after review raved about its performance.

The next step was making the actual purchase, which was going to be a bit of a challenge.  I mean it was a great machine with great reviews but I did now want to order it online.  Fortunately, one of the 7 authorized dealers in the United States (that’s right, there’s only 7) happens to be in Santa Cruz, which is only about 2 hours away.  So, long story short, we drove down to see a man about an espresso machine.

Still needs work but getting there!
We were giddy with excitement all the way home.  Once home, we carefully unpacked it, set it up, and started making espressos, macchiatos, and cappuccinos.  The machine works brilliantly and we both feel that it’s every penny we paid for it, which was quite a few.  The coolest thing is that I now get to apply all those great espresso and latte art tricks that Gabriele taught us in Florence.  While my latte art still needs a little work, I can honestly say that the flavor already rivals that of my favorite local coffee shops.  That it itself is very cool.

However, the story doesn’t end there.  In my research for where to buy the Rocket I discovered they had a t-shirt, which i just had to have as well.  In searching for where to buy the t-shirt I made perhaps the best discovery ever.  A British cycling clothing company, Prendras Cyclismo, actually had a full Rocket cycling kit. Are you kidding me?!?!?!?!

Heading out for the first ride!!!
As an avid (some say rapid) cycling enthusiast there was simply no way I could pass up that opportunity.  To make this part of the story even better, they had a special going where you got a free Legnano (one of the great names in Italian cycling) Polo shirt with a purchase of the full kit.  In no time at all, Royal Air Mail made a special delivery and I now have a new kit and polo shirt in my closet.  The kit fits great and it has already become the go to kit for Sunday rides, which are named in Strava as my Rocket Recovery Ride.

So there you have it!  A cool story about coffee and cycling, which are two of my favorite things.  You throw in the connection to Florence and Milan and it’s even better.  What’s next?  Well, one day soon I intend to wear the Rocket kit to my Saturday club ride instead of the club kit.  And when I do, I’m hoping they replace the nickname Niles with The Rocket!


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