Monday, April 30, 2012

Riding and Writing

Tomorrow is May 1st.  I have no idea how that happened.  Wasn’t it just a few short weeks ago that we were sipping champagne and sharing a kiss at midnight as we welcomed in the new year?  At first I thought it was an age thing but it seems like everyone I talk to simply cannot believe how this year is flying by. 

This has been a crazy year for me so far.  Major work projects, a 255 page project for my credit union management program, and being President of a new bike club, which I helped form last year, have all left precious little time for writing on this blog.  And, to be honest, I miss it.  So this is yet another attempt to get back into the writing groove.  We’ll see how this attempt goes.

On the up side, I have been on some great rides already this year so I had plenty of adventures to write about.  In fact, I usually write a big portion of each post while riding.  As I go through the ride, I notice cool things I want to mention and the blog just sort of takes shape in my mind.  Still, once I get back home I have not found the time, or motivation, to get those thoughts on paper or, in this case, cyber space.

I think I need a fresh start and that’s what this short post is supposed to be.  A new beginning.  Something, really anything, that gets me writing again.  Stay tuned to see how I do.


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