Friday, June 11, 2010

Cycling fans like Sherry

A few weeks ago, I posted this FB status - “You've got to love a wife whose idea of a romantic dinner is eating carbonara from Riviera in front of the big screen and watching the Giro as the pre-show for the ToC (Tour of California).”  I got a lot of comments about what a great wife she is and that “she’s a keeper”.  What I don’t think most people realize is that she would have done that whether I was there or not.

IMG_0271 You see, my wife is a huge cycling fan!  Strike that!  I think crazed is a bit more descriptive.  She likes everything about it.  Watching it on TV.  Going to races in all kinds of weather.  Meeting the riders, directors, commentators, etc.  Seeking out photo opportunities.  She will sag and support me and my cycling group any time I ask including helping  me twice up Mont Ventoux.  In fact, the only aspect of cycling she doesn’t participate in is actual riding and I think this makes her somewhat unique.

IMG_0276 It all started of course when I started cycling on the road to do my first triathlon.  I was immediately reminded that I really don’t like swimming but this cycling thing was something I could get into.  While on my rides with Coach Tim, he would talk about races like the Tour de France and could spout off names and stats like crazy.  So that year we planned to pay attention but didn’t really plan to watch the race per se.  We were immediately hooked, by both the race and the beauty of France, and now watching cycling is one of our favorite things to do together. Well, that and eating french toast for breakfast.

IMG_0262 How dedicated is she?  Well, this might give you a hint.  On July 22nd, I already know where she will be and what she will be doing at 3:30 a.m.  That’s right!  She’ll be watching live coverage of the Tour de France Stage 17, from Pau to Col de Tourmalet.  And yes, you read that correctly.  She will be getting up well before dawn to watch cycling.  Hell, I won’t even be up until 5:00.  But she already knows this is an important stage with huge implications in the final GC.

Cavendish We are also lucky enough to live very close to Riviera Ristorante where Giampaolo, Rita, and Luca have an outstanding Italian restaurant.  They are also very good riders and well connected in the cycling community with Team BMC, Levi Leipheimer, and others.  This means that anytime a pro team comes to town they eat at Riviera.   And so do we.  We will be deciding what to have for dinner and Sherry will suggest we drive by Riviera and look for team cars.  If they are there, then the dinner issue is resolved.  I can’t tell you how many pro-cyclist she has met there.

Last year during the Tour of California, I received an email about a fund-raising event for Bicycles for Humanity.  The famous commentator, Paul Sherwen, would be in attendance and you just knew that Phil Liggett would be there also.  To add to the ambience, it was at Sonoma Cellars, which was a new wine bar in town.  The problem?  It was on February 14th – Valentine’s Day.  So I casually mention it to Sherry and her response was simply - “Why haven’t you bought tickets yet?”

IMG_0265 However, our finest cycling moment was 4 years ago at the Tour of California when Santa Rosa was lucky enough to have both a stage finish and start.  We went down the start and were amazed at how relaxed and accommodating the riders were.  I became the official photographer and Sherry got a photo of herself with Bob Roll, Chris Horner, Bobby Julich, Ivan Basso, Thor Hushovd, Johan Bruyneel, and a few others.  She was in heaven.

So there you have it.  She may not ride but she is absolutely crazy about the sport of cycling.   And I wouldn’t want it any other way.


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