Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The cross training has begun

Well, after a few weeks of thinking about it, talking about it, and even writing about it, my cross training finally got off the ground last week.  It must of been all of the FB entries about running, swimming, yoga, and such that got me going.  Or maybe it’s the fact that I am already feeling a difference on the weekend rides when I don’t workout during the week.

My cross training is pretty simple.  I do a little running, strength training and core work.  I frequently suggest to myself I should add in yoga and stretching but somehow that hasn’t happened just yet.  Still, anything is better then nothing so it’s time to get going.

Last Tuesday I went on my first run since May.  It was a simple little 3 mile route and I planned on staying nice and easy.  I expected it to be a little challenging and did not want to over do it.  My warm up consisted of tearing my closet apart to find my running shoes.  Then a mind stretch exercise as I try to remember where I put my heart rate monitor I use when I run.  Finally, I am ready to go.

I settle into a nice, slow cadence as I head out the door and down the street.  I actually enjoy running as long as I am not trying to kill myself.  As usual, I am feel great until about the 2 mile mark.  Then things always go south quickly.  My route takes me past a hospital at 2.5 miles and I found it difficult not to turn into the emergency room.  Instead, I keep running after deciding the shortness of breath and pounding in my chest is not a heart attack.

As I arrive home I have to fight the urge to collapse on the front lawn.  Then I look at my time.  It was 21:11.  Sweet!!!  No wonder I am tired.  I just kicked out 7 minute miles.  So I skip lying on the lawn and start my cool down walk wearing a big smile.  Then I look at the time again.  It was really 27:11, which is a 9 minute mile pace.  Damn, I’ve already passed my lawn and since I don’t want to collapse on my neighbor’s lawn I keep walking and cooling down.  In the end, it wasn’t a bad start.

On Friday, I head out for my 2nd run.  This time I felt much better even though I finished 8 seconds slower.  No worries.  At least I didn’t think about stopping at the hospital or collapsing on the lawn so that’s progress right?

Thursday night found me in the garage getting ready for a core and strength training session.  What was the first routine?  You won’t find in any weight training books but it is a routine we all do.  It’s called – clear all the junk away so you can actually see the weight bench!  Now that the bench is cleared, the ball is inflated, and weights are all ready, I can start. . . well, that’s as far as I got that night.  So no strength or core training just yet.

Last night I went to Coach Tim’s for an garage spin class on our trainers.  We did a combined work out that spent a little time on power, endurance and TT drills.  We also did some light weight training, core work, and stretching afterwards.  I felt really good last night but we’ll see how I feel later today.

After I finish writing this, it will be out on the road for run #3.  I am actually looking forward to it.  I really have a nice route with plenty of alternatives to keep things interesting.

There you have it.  I’ve finally started my off-season cross training routine.  And you know, as much as I miss cycling during the week, it is a nice change of pace.  The only thing I need to do now is remain vigilant especially with the core work and stretching.  After all, the next cycling season will be here before you know it.


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