Thursday, September 10, 2009

A crazy 2 weeks (highlights)

Life in the Alderman household has been a little crazy to say the least. But it's the good kind of crazy. You know, the kind of crazy that always occurs before you leave for France for 18 glorious days. However, if your jobs are anything like ours, you know that the 2-weeks leading up to vacation can be hell.

Despite putting in massive hours at work, I have continued with some very strong training for the Gran Fondo. It is now completely sold out. This means on October 3rd, 3,500 of us will all clip in semi-simultaneously and hit the road. I cannot wait. Coach Tim's adjustments to my training plan have me feeling strong again. I feel like I am ready. I just need to maintain my fitness level while on vacation.

My plan? I rented a bike for 5-days and plan on cycling in Provence. This will be mostly easy rides of around 2-hours. The exception will the climb up Mont Ventoux. This is 13 mile, 5000+ gain climb that is feature from time to time in the Tour de France. I actually climbed it 2-years ago. It is very challenging but doable and will be the perfect final touch on my Gran Fondo preparations.

As if work and cycling didn't keep me busy enough, it was also our 23rd wedding anniversary a couple of weeks ago. It was on a Sunday but we ended up making a weekend out of it (just like Sherry's birthday weekend). Friday night was dinner with friends at their house. Saturday night was dinner with different friends at the Applewood Inn Restaurant where we discover an amazing new Napa Cabernet. On Sunday we just relaxed, had a wonderful Provencal-style lunch in the back yard (see photo) and then went to dinner.

Finally, because I have so much spare time (you need to find the sarcasm in that), I am launching a second blog - C'est la belle vie! (This is the good life). I will have help from Sherry as we post stories of our adventures in travel, wine, food and friends.

Now you're all caught up. I will try to post updates during our travels in France.

Until then . . .

Au revoir!

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Nicole said...

Have a WONDERFUL trip!! :)