Monday, November 10, 2008

A little time with my friends

Well, it was another crazy week that ended better then it started. Actually, as I am writing this I am realizing - I don't even remember how it started. How's that for crazy? But it ended with family and friends and that part I definitely remember. Like a lot of you I really enjoy my time with friends. From the chance meeting in a coffee shop to a full scale party or anything in between, it's all good.

On Thursday I was scheduled to attend a seminar in Fairfield. The trip there and back would take me through the town of Sonoma where my good friend Brian lives. Brian works from his home office when not traveling so I gave him a call. Sure enough he is in town and lunch is on. We met at Rin's Thai Restaurant in Sonoma for a quick bite to eat and some catch up time. If it weren't for my crazy week that could have easily turned into a trip to the pub and an afternoon of playing hooky.

I decided a cappuccino was required for the drive back so I stop at Barking Dog Coffee, which is also in Sonoma. To my pleasant surprise, my friend (and Mrs. Fitness Journal) Francee is working. She is actually their coffee roaster. And like me, she's learning to speak french. If your cycling nickname is Niles (comme moi), then you gotta have a least one french-speaking, coffee-roasting friend. So after a quick chat and the perfect cappuccino, I really am heading back to the office now.

Another very good friend and I have been trying to hook up for dinner for some time now. Finally, the planets aligned and we are all set for Thursday night. So I get the chance to spend time with my third friend of the day. That doesn't happen as often as I would like. So Wayne and I enjoy a great french dinner at Bistro 29 and then hit Upper Fourth for a night cap. In the end, it was great catching up but I stayed out a little too late for a school night.

Friday night was family time. Sherry and I, along with her mom and sister, attended our nephews' high school football games. The JV squad lost on the final play however my nephew did not get the chance to play. On the varsity team my other nephew did get to play but unfortunately they also loss by a whopping 38 - 0. I am quite sure that was not the present he was looking for on his 16th birthday. (The previous week he had a game-turning interception).

While I was at the game, I received a text that a group of guys were heading out the next morning for a short ride before the rain. Perfect! I had posted a ride to our group and did not get any response so I figured I would be riding solo again. Instead, I joined Jim, Brian, Tom and Jason for a quick ride. It was a good ride ahead of the rain with lots of banter. Afterwards, we may have spent more time drinking coffee then riding. Jason and I decided to ride Sunday as well. It was a chilly start but otherwise another picture perfect day for cycling in Wine Country. And to top it all off, Sherry made home made scones Sunday morning.

Finally, on Sunday night, Sherry and I joined Pat and Julie for dinner at Diavola Pizzeria in Geyserville. It is a European style pizzeria that was outstanding.

So there it is. I can't remember how the week started so it must not be important. But I definitely remember how it ended. With great friends and good times.


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Nicole said...

Sounds like the perfect off season weekend...good friends, time with the fam and delicious food--who could ask for anything more!!

Sarah said...

and that's what the off season is all about...sounds like good times!

To answer your question on my blog, YES! Maybe Sunday morning?

And speaking of friends having dinner, we want you and Sherry to come over for dinner. I emailed you.