Thursday, August 28, 2008

A time for reflection

Life is truly amazing to me at times. You go along doing your thing and then you get the wake up call. If your like me then your thing is a little fun with friends, spending lots of time with Sherry, and a lot of work. You deal with the everyday things and the new things (like right now we don't have a kitchen). If you're smart, you take a little time occasionally to appreciate all you have. And even then, life will sometimes come around and slap in you in the face to make sure you're paying attention.

I never Barbara Warren. The first time I heard of her was from my friend Sarah's blog. Sarah completed the Santa Barbara triathlon this weekend. Barbara also participated in this event. During the race, Barbara had a tragic accident on the bike leg. Basically, she went down hard, broke her neck and became paralyzed. Later in the hospital she developed pneumonia and passed away. In a matter of days she went from racing in a triathlon to another world. I wish the very best for Barbara's family and friends as they struggle through this time in their lives.

So it is time for a little reflection. It's an easy thing to do. Just think about Thanksgiving where before you are allowed to pig out on turkey, you have to talk about something you are grateful for. For me this is easy. There are so many things wonderful things in my life. My cycling, time spent with good friends, my love of food and wine, even my job. But mostly, I am grateful for my wife, Sherry.

Sherry and I will be celebrating our 22nd wedding anniversary this weekend. And since we do not have a kitchen, we decided to spend part of the Labor Day weekend in Napa (ok, Yountville to be exact). We go to Napa Valley quite frequently, but since it is so close we have never stayed. We are staying at the Bordeaux House, which is a gorgeous looking B&B. For the anniversary dinner Saturday night, we will be dining at Bistro Jeanty.

Our over all plan on Sunday is playing tourist. I plan on cycling in the morning while Sherry reads and then it will be off to lunch and wine tastings. We have lunch reservations at Domain Chandon's Etoile Restaurant. We also plan on doing a cheese and chocolate wine pairing at St. Clements Vineyards. There will also be plenty of time for resting or exploring as our energy levels dictate.

As we enjoy our little weekend get-away, we will be celebrating more then just our marriage. We will also be taking some time to realize just how blessed and lucky we are for the life we have. And that is truly worth celebrating.


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Sarah said...

Hey Lee,

It is amazing, isn't it? That we can go through every day without giving it any thought. Barbara's tragedy was a wake-up call for me, too. But still, I often think every time we go out on those bikes there's a possibility something could happen. I take the risk because I feel most alive when I'm on my bike.

Congratulations on your anniversary! It's so great to see you and Sherry so into each other after all these years - sadly, it's doesn't seem to be a common occurrence these days.

Glad you guys are getting away for the weekend. HAVE FUN!!