Friday, August 15, 2008

An interesting ride

Where did the week go? I can't believe how fast time seems to slip away these days. And its mostly work and errands. For us, you can add to the normal everyday chaos a full kitchen remodel. However, I did manage to escape for a small ride on Wednesday. It was short, only 19 miles. But what it lacked in length it made up for in uniqueness.

I planned to head through Spring Lake and just really go for an easy spin. When I arrive at the park, there is a lot of congestion at the park entrance and then I noticed a fire truck with lights flashing. I immediately think there has been an accident. So I weave my way through the stop cars to find nothing. I turn into the park and notice another fire truck is heading up to the parking lot. So I reach the parking lot expecting to see some activity but once again nothing. So I start on the bike/pedestrian path when I hear sirens behind me. The fire truck has moved the barricades and is coming down the bike path. I move aside and then follow along as it makes its way down the path.

Around the next bend, I finally find the cause of all the activity. It's a small brush fire and the truck that just passed me is first on the scene. Well, now the fire truck has the route blocked and since I don't want to take the road bike cross country I just hung out for a while and watched the show. The guys came out of the truck and completed a series of synchronized moves the would make Chinese divers envious. In just minutes the fire was mostly out. However, since this is a heavily wooded area that leads to hundreds of houses they weren't taking any chances. As I watched 3 more trucks arrived. And as I was leaving, I had to pull over for 2 more.

So back out of the park and out toward Oakmont. Once there I had a pleasant and uneventful ride until I started for home. I turn onto the same small bike path I always take and see 2 walkers up ahead coming my way. So I slow and wait for them to move. Nothing! They actually blocked my route and pointed to all of the new signs that say no cycling. I managed to stay cool during our chat and eventually I turned around since I know 2 others ways back and I didn't really not wanting to keep dealing with these 2 seniors. (BTW - this conversation will be the next blog!)

So heading home along Annadel, this mountain biker comes flying down the trails next to the road. Eventually he hits the road and we say hi and he passes. If you have read my previous posts, you know I don't really like mountain bikes passing me on the road. But I decide to let this guy go. A couple of miles later I catch up with him at a red light. He says "Hi". I say "Hi again". Then he pulls out is Ipod and says "It's Lee right? We met once at the coffee shop. Brian."

So the mountain biker I decided not to take on was none other then Brian Anderson. He is the winner of 6 out of the last 7 Terrible Two races. He would have won this year except he flatted 3 times in the final 40 miles and still came in second. He is one of the most respected bad ass riders in Sonoma County. So we rode and chatted (he also encountered the people in Oakmont) until we reached my turn for home.

So there it is. A fire, a lecture and some time with a local legend. Not bad for a 19 mile ride.


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Sarah said...



Okay so last time I did hill repeats in Oakmont before Vineman I rode out Hwy 12. And Matt was like "um, that's dangerous. You should've gone through Anadel." And I said "BUT THE OLD PEOPLE WILL YELL AT ME!" (because they had done this the last time we were there)

And he was like "so?" But they scare me. I think it's that whole 'respect your elders thing' I was brought up with.

Anyway, now I'm too scared and you have TOTALLY VALIDATED ME.

Still, I guess if I have to choose between putting my life at risk and having old people chew me out, I'd probably choose the latter.

You always have interesting rides, Lee. Hope you have some good ones this weekend!