Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hanging with the Boys - Final Thoughts

So far, most of my writing concerning the Colorado trip has centered on the cycling, and drinking, aspects of the trip. I think it's time to delve a little deeper into my psyche (always a dangerous endeavor).

This is the group of guys I went to Colorado with for a 7.5 day adventure of a life time. Starting from the left you have Pat, me (without the hat), David, Tim, Brian and Chris. Of course the photo I would choose is one of us eating and drinking and not on the bikes. However, this was the post Mt Evans ride lunch so I feel we more then earned a little pizza and beer.

So what was it like hanging with the boys on this road trip? Well to be honest, at times it made me feel older (but not old). I am the old man of the group at 47 although Pat is only 5 years behind me. David is the youngster at 33. And although those age differences are not huge there are other signals of the generation gap. For instance, I did not play games on the Xbox. I called my wife more then I sent texts. At one point 2 of 3 of them were sitting in the same room texting each other. What the hell is that all about? At the very table in the photo, when I made some comment about a buxom blond, I was immediately reminded that no one says buxom anymore accept old guys. (Even as I read what I just wrote it sounds oldish. Youngster???)

They also made me feel younger. Something about driving all night and laughing at any and everything can do that. The trash talking, taunting, good-natured ribbing, etc., gave me the feeling of being in a frat house. We even looked like we were from a fraternity as we strolled through downtown Breckenridge in matching Fitness Journal t-shirts. (Side note - walking around in matching FJ t-shirts at the cycling event was really cool. Doing it at night in Breckenridge was just gay. I believe it was Brian who use the phrase "chick repellent" as an apt description.)

However, I mostly felt alive. When you consider most of the people in the US have never heard of Mt Evans, let alone climbed it on a bike, you can't help but feel alive. Riding through the rain, climbing long hills, flying down long descents, and non-stop laughter all added to an atmosphere of being alive and enjoying life.

Which leads to my last thought, which is feeling blessed. I am truly lucky to have found such a great group of friends. I am fortunate in that my life allows me the ability to cycle, drink wine, have leisurely lunches with my wife in Napa, vacation in France or any number of opportunities that many in this county will never have. I can never take that for granted. So for now, I will continue to enjoy, and appreciate, the little pleasures in life that keep me going.


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Sarah said...

Sounds like it was awesome, Lee. And I would agree that cycling (and all the adventures that go along with it) will keep you young - physically and mentally.

Welcome home!