Friday, July 4, 2008

Let's get it started

I never thought I would be a blogger! But I have always enjoyed writing when the spirit moves me and this seems like the perfect vehicle for the ride.

It started with my cycling group and our propensity to write lengthy, drawn out reports of our rides. Okay, they're not always that drawn out but each of us tried to paint the picture of how the ride went for us. And there always seem to be a humorous side to each story as well as the occassional (or is that frequent) trash talking.

Then one of my cycling friends who created the website Fitness Journal suggested I, along with another friend Sarah, start placing our ride reports in a new blog section he created on the site. So I did. And surprisingly, some people were interested in my stories and I really enjoyed reading their responses and sharing in their similar experiences.

So the other day I was reading Sarah's blog and thought - What the hell! Let's give this blog thing a try. So here I go.

Thanks for sharing in my life experiences and I hope you enjoy the journey.


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Sarah said...

Yeah, Lee!! Welcome to the blogger world! Congrats on starting your blog. I think you're going to love it. You're a great writer who has a lot of talent for bringing your readers back to your experiences you had and making them feel like they were right there with you.

I'm looking forward to many more entries of Lee's Life Adventures. Now I'm going to go add you to my blog roll and tell everybody to come read your blog. :)